Cloud and the Reseller

Attending an event today at Cisco I was blindsided by the lack of forsight with some ‘fellow’ VAR representatives.

When asked the question ‘Do you feel that cloud is a direct competitor or threat to your business’, one plainly answered; ‘Yes- if the customer is buying cloud then they’re not buying hardware’.
I think most of us are in agreement that the days of being a pure box-seller (even if it’s a solution of boxes) are long gone. VARs should be looking to exploit cloud services and create offerings around them- incorporate them into solution designs; sell services such as DRaaS in the cloud, or Global Availability/localisation, or flexible compute for development. Sure, you might not get as big of a slice of the Capex budget, but you’ll get on-going Opex monies instead. If you’re smart, you’ll sell some form of managed service or cloud-support too.