Journey to Coastal Yachtmaster

What is a Yachtmaster?


  • Coastal Skipper Revision
    • Seamanship – Done
    • Introduction to Chartwork – Done
    • Tides: Heights and Streams – Done
    • Chartwork: Position Fixing – Done
    • Using GPS – Done
    • Course to Steer – Done
    • Bouyage and Pilotage – Done
    • Safety – Done
  • Coastal Yachtmaster Theory – started 23/08/2017
    • (s1) Chart Basics – Done (24/08/2017)
    • (s2) Tidal Heights
    • (s3) Dead Reckoning and Estimated Positioning
    • (s4) Course to Steer
    • (s5) Electronic aids to Navigation
    • (s6) Electronic Chart Plotting
    • (s7) Passage Making
    • (s8) Visual Aids to Navigation
    • (s9) Pilotage
    • (s10) Meteorology
    • (s11) IRPCS
    • (s12) Safety and the Environment
  • Assessments


Req. To date Completed Comments
Total Days on Board 30 8 Half must be in tidal waters
Days as Skipper 2 A day on board or as skipper is a period of eight consecutive hours living on board and at sea.
Mileage 800 770 Vessel size between 7m LWL and 24m LOA
Night Hours 12

Skipper Requirements

The skipper is the person nominated and responsible for the planning and execution of a passage including vessel and watch management. The skipper is not necessarily the most experienced or qualified person on board but must be the person with responsibility for the safe execution of the passage. If the skipper’s role is transferred to another person at any time during a passage then neither person can claim to have skippered that passage.



  • Exam 1
  • Exam 2
  • Exam 3

Sailing Log So Far

From Via/To Date Mileage
Gosport Swannick Marina / Gosport May 2017 30NM
Bergen Alesund, Lofoton Islands, Bodo June 2017 770NM
Las Palmas St Lucia December 2017 3140NM