AWS Connect

I started my networking career when I joined Cisco as an intern back in 2006 – and my first few projects rotated around CUCM. Later in life I did a project for Vodafone for a hosted Contact Centre service.  At the time, the amount of effort, cost and complexity that went into buildinging these solutions seemed appropriate – seemed normal.  A few years later and I now think it’s horrifying!

Two hours.  That’s all it took for me to learn the basics of AWS Connect and build a basic call flow with some voice-recognition using Lex.  Two hours – and I’d never touched AWS Connect or Lex before.

So what did I manage in two hours (including learning how to do it!):

  • Created a basic virtual contact centre and grabbed a DID (direct inward dial) number
  • Created a Lex Bot to ask a few questions and return the responses to a call flow
  • Created a call flow that could..
    • Identify my phone number coming in (so it would respond with “Hello Jim” if I called, and something else for an unknown number)
    • Used Lex to ask three questions and then change the call-flow accordingly – either asking more questions or returning a prompt and hanging up.

Now, granted – this isn’t the most complex call-flow in the world.. it doesn’t talk to databases or other services (other than Lex) – but I think it’s still pretty awesome that you could Proof-of-Concept a contact-centre capability so rapidly.