About Me

Unsurprisingly, my name is James.  This site is designed to deliver a little personal information and a little professional background.


I was a network engineer – previously designed, configured and maintained datacenter networks for large enterprise clients.  Now I’m much more broad, covering much of the adjacent technologies such as virtualisation, network virtualisation, storage, application delivery, storage.  I’ve recently been involved with a few pieces of strategy work, so I’m moving further from the CLI and closer to the whiteboard (yey!) and Microsoft Word (boo!).

I have a LinkedIn profile for more details.


When I’m not working or studying, I’m often out and about with my camera. I own a Canon 6D Digital SLR and combine that with Photoshop Lightroom. I’m not massively comfortable taking portraits but landscapes and still life I’m getting good at.


I’ve been an avid Scuba Diver since January 2013 – where a trip to Thailand and a few try-dives has since induced costs of thousands of pounds in equipment, PADI training courses and trips to the Red Sea, Maldives, Indonesia and a few quarries and lakes in the UK.  I’m now a certified PADI Rescue diver and Dive Master associated with Surrey Dive Centre.

Most recently my Photography and Diving have collided and I now have a Canon Powershot G16 coupled with a Nauticam housing and Inon strobe.